Club Registration

To be a member of the Washington Speech and Debate Club, you must correctly register an account at website (or request and compete an alternative registration process if you do not want to use the website this academic year) by 10/11/2019. Please remember to have your parent/guardian beside you during the registration process!!

The following documents must be submitted by Friday, 10/11/2019, in order to participate in any tournament on the 2019-2020 Washington Speech and Debate Calendar:

  • FUSD Elementary and Secondary Field Trip Parent Permission Form & Addendum
    • All signatures are required
    • Please check boxes 1 & 2
  • Declaration of Parent/Volunteer Driver of FUSD Students
    • Attach a copy of the coverage of your insurance policy that clearly outlines the limits of your insurance. The vehicle must be insured for at least split limit coverage of $100,000 bodily injury and liability per person, $300,000 per occurrence and $50,000 property damage, OR $300,000 combined single limit liability coverage and $50,000 property damage. Circle the part of the policy that proves that you comply with these insurance limit requirements.
    • Under #4, if you don't have a specific insurance agent, put down the contact information of your insurance company.
    • All parent/guardian signatures required
    • All insurance and vehicle information that is requested in the forms must be given
    • If your insurance policy information changes later in the year, submit an updated form to the attendance office.
    • If more than one parent/guardian intends to drive students to/from tournaments, submit a separate form for each driver.
  • WSD Parent/Legal Guardian Agreement Form
    • Parent/guardian signature required
  • WSD Student Agreement Form
    • Student signature required
  1. Print all documents individually on separate pages. Do not print any documents double-sided.
  2. Do not crease any of the forms presented above before and while turning them in.
  3. Do not staple the forms together.
  4. Present the 5 forms (plus the insurance policy) in the order presented above. They must be double paperclipped; meaning that there must be 2 paper clips holding the forms together - one on the top left corner and one on the bottom left.
  5. This is due by Friday, 10/11/2019. You can turn in packets before the deadline to any of our officers at:
    1. Room E127 Mon-Fri during lunch
    2. Room E127 Mon-Fri after school
    3. During Wednesday/Saturday practices
    4. (If you absolutely cannot make any of those times, you can also submit it in the black box outside of E127, but remember this would be the LAST RESORT)