/out Procedure

Arrival: Students must sign in after arrival by sending an email using the following button:  

Sign In

Remember to Cc your parent and the driver who is taking you home and they have to fill in the blanks with the respective information.

Example :

To: [email protected]
Cc: [email protected] (parent of the child), [email protected] (the adult that's taking you home), [email protected] (if chaperoned is someone other than Mr. Raskin)
Subject: Bobby Dingleberry Signing in 
Body: I will be going home with Greg's dad-Mr. Hitchcock.

By doing so, we can ensure that all students are prepared and leave the tournament at a timely hour.


Departure :  There will be a checkout time that will be posted on the tournament page on our website. In the subject line, put the judge's first and last name and in the body of the email enter all the names of the debaters that you are taking home. If you cannot leave by the checkout time, then send an email at the assigned time explaining why you are still on campus.  All Parents/Judges must email our club ([email protected]) or can use the following button to sign out the children they are taking home.

Sign Out


Example :

Subject : "Judge/Parent (First and Last Name) Signing Out"


Body : "Debater 1 (First and Last Name), Debater 2 (First and Last Name), ..."



Failure to comply with the above procedures will result in:

1) a $20 fine

2) being banned from tournaments